Business Growth with Smartphone Application Development

Our company has years of experience creating first-class applications for business that supplement their existing successes to grow in new ways. iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry are all familiar sights in our developers’ workplans, and they work to highlight the best features and functionality of each operating system with impressive applications. Smartphone application development at our company is not limited to native apps - our expert staff are extremely talented at using HTML5 and other web languages to creative dynamic web portals that can bring your business to anyone with an internet connection on any device.

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Mobile Solution Know-How

Our team adheres to the agile method of mobile app development, which lets our staff conduct their business in the most rapid, flexible and effective way possible so that you can better conduct your own. Our mobile solutions consistently meet the demands of our clients and the high expectation of their existing and future customers with innovative features and flawlessly designed user experience. From the beginning our mobile development company has created winning, high-quality smartphone applications that match our clients’ budgets while still ensuring that they are able to get to market as rapidly as possible.

From upgrading or integrating existing technology to creating something completely new, our services are available to all companies, and we carry the same commitment to excellence in:
  • Smartphone application design and development
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance
  • User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) design
  • Bespoke software creation
  • Market analysis
  • A World of Mobile Possibilities
  • What Are the Benefits of a Mobile App?
  • Brand Awareness and Access
  • Customer Interactions
  • Multi-Platform Integration
  • New Revenue Streams
Smartphones are dominating every facet of modern commerce today and show no sign of stopping any time soon. Their rapidly evolving technical capabilities continue to create a wider and wider range of possibilities for businesses looking to expand. Built-in messengers, a reliable internet access point, touchscreens, location tracking, high-resolution displays, recording devices and so much more forms the tip of the iceberg of potential for any company ready to enter the dynamic world of smartphone application creation.
A common misconception is that a mobile app replaces a real business with a virtual one, but applications are actually meant to strengthen existing structures, allowing companies to run their companies with greater productivity, earnings and efficiency. These applications keep businesses innovating and rising to meet the demands of the ever-changing marketplace with the latest and greatest hardware and software, achieving their objectives and improving the quality of every transaction, both online and in-person.
The moment your application goes live in a marketplace like the App Store or Google Play your business is available to millions of potential clients who would never be reachable otherwise, and they will have access to you and the goods and/or services you provide.
Continue to reach new levels using customer feedback from diverse users and optimize your performance to provide the highest-quality results you want to offer. Receive and send payments and conduct all kinds of transactions with just a few simple clicks or taps.
Going mobile doesn’t just mean creating a completely dedicated application from scratch. You can take an existing website and transform it into an adaptive web portal with greater functionality that works on the largest number of devices and operating systems. Reach your customers anywhere with an internet connection.
Several monetization schemes are possible for mobile businesses, like paid apps, paid subscriptions, in-app purchases, paid ad posting and more, all of which can be customized to create the ideal strategy to start you seeing big returns on your application investment.

How to Conduct Smartphone App Development

Our mobile agency is experienced in and prepared to conduct every aspect of the development process: planning, analysis, coding, designing, testing, quality control, launch and beyond. Each of our clients has the full support of a dedicated team of programmers, project managers, designers, analysts and testers whose sole aim is to deliver a flawless product that yields the greatest results.
  • Smartphone App Design
  • Nothing Short of Perfection
  • Where We Stand Out
We are creating apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile as well as can create a cross-platform smartphone application. The most complicated question is to choose between two options: implement native applications on several different OS or to design the cross-platform software. The issue with the last one is that cross-platform apps can not work and look great at each of the platform. There always be some bugs as different demands are set by iOS, Windows and Android systems.
Once planning is complete, our developers get right to work building and designing the various aspects of functionality and user experience so that they merge in a unified, powerful representation of our client’s business. But we don’t settle for greatness. All our staff believe in delivering nothing short of perfection in our projects, because we believe quality is the key to success with applications. That’s why testing is such a crucial step in our process. And it is an ongoing step, repeating itself at every stage until our app developer team is certain we have missed nothing.

These reiterating tasks in fact free our team to be more flexible and rapid in their development, open to changes in development and able to compartmentalize and work in parallel on multiple facets of each project. Our mobile design company values flexibility, because we value client feedback, and any input our clients offer or changes they want to see implemented are possible with absolute minimal disruption to our schedule and workflow, meaning nothing stops us on our path to completion, on-time and on-budget.
The employees of our smartphone application development company are all highly trained leaders in our industry. They have extensive formal training, full certification and hands-on experience succeeding in our competitive field. Versed in high-level languages, mobile application frameworks, industry standards and much more, they are also familiar with the inner workings of many other industries from their interactions with our clients and research of the challenges they face. Whatever obstacles present themselves, our team combine their unique expertise and skillset to deliver real solutions with real customer satisfaction.

Our Reliable App Development Process

  • Best Money Value. We strive to provide affordable solutions to companies of any size, and our lower costs are a big advantage for anyone seeking to build a great application or update their web presence with the help of a professional.
  • Agile Development. The agile method is how we develop. It is an approach that values quality, flexibility and speed, and by following it we become able to meet all deadlines on projects of any size and level of difficulty and still offer the same first-class, cost-effective end products our clients have come to expect.
  • Development Mastery. We know how to complete our objectives on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) and to do so with the highest-level of expertise. Our applications are recognized as being extremely efficient, powerful tools with creative, user-friendly designs.
  • Part of a Dialogue. From Day One, our clients are an integral part of our team, which means they have full access to all information in our fully transparent working process. Our smartphone app developers value and look forward to client feedback, because it allows us to provide the highest-quality of services and meet our clients’ needs to the letter on everything from brainstorming to monetization and delivery strategy development and more. We provide round-the-clock support on all smartphone development projects, and our experts are reachable via phone, email, Skype or whichever other means you find convenient.
  • Results-Oriented. We measure our own success on every project by judging not just the final product that we hand over to the client, but how the application ultimately performs. We invest a lot of time and energy into each application we create, and as a result, we want to see them all perform very well. That is why our mobile company does the best to inform our clients about advanced IT practices and offer different levels of post-development support that ensures each project reaches its maximum potential and each client receives the maximum return on their investment.

What We Offer

  • World-class design and development
  • The benefits of the agile methodology
  • Release support on the App Store, Google Play, Windows Store and BlackBerry World
  • Fully transparent, client-oriented collaboration
  • Affordable app creation services and support for any budget
  • Native, web or hybrid apps for single or cross-platform use
  • Dedicated, experienced specialists in coding, design, UX/UI, marketing and analysis
  • Multiple global locations providing 24/7 support
  • Extensive portfolio across many diverse industries
  • Comprehensive testing and quality control
  • Strict adherence to industry best practices and development timelines