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We are the US web development company producing custom web solutions for more than 8 years.

Website development is our main competency and we have a long-term strategy for running with remote clients. If you are looking for a team to create a website that perfectly matches your and business goals, we are perfectly prepared to do it for you.

For each venture, we have a loyal team that puts customers at the center of development. If you have a simple idea about future web apps, or a detailed specification, we use our technical knowledge to help you implement it. You'll be able to see the effect quickly and adjust your essentials while traveling.

We have been using Ruby on Rails since 2010 and eventually became a key area of ​​knowledge and a priority platform. In addition, to demonstrate Ruby on Rails development services, our network engineers contribute to the platform to make it more complete.

Why RoR?

We like to use RoR because it is the most flexible. However, the main reason we like it is to give developers lots of options when it comes to creating and running the code in Rails. Ruby on Rails allows developers to create packages that customers need. Put the wrong things aside and take the builders directly to the business case.

The most useful feature of the RoR platform is its network. There are many international experts interested, passionate and passionate about contributing. The community spirit has inspired and opened up a new world of network development.

What are we doing with RoR?

Ruby on Rails is an advanced tool. Our web development company use this to:

  • Start a new career
  • Greater expansion of the project
  • Keep other teams started

From proof of idea to the smallest viable product. Our business builders in the US have got their hands on the task so customers can see the initial standards of their utility work within a few days. Code is constantly flexible in rushing to convert needs or new ideas. Customers can try many factors to find a better way. In this way, they will be able to focus on your business vision and goals.

Our web development company in the US is constantly offering Ruby on Rails development services. RoR enables engineers to find elegant answers while achieving superior logic and complex workflows. For most responsibilities, there are now open and ready-to-use modules that can be built and maintained by the Rails community so that builders can use them instead of reinventing them.

Occasionally, project owners must shift their efforts from one software development company to another. Because of the readability of the code and the maturity of the test framework, the benefits of RoR are very effective under such conditions. A new and highly qualified team can always take the basis of the code and keep improving.

In addition, we have found that Ruby on Rails is the right choice for:

  • Mobile API development
  • Integrate with third-party services

Many mobile apps require network backends to save statistics, talk to other users, post photos, and more. These backends are typically built using modern technologies and HTTP and JSON that can be used in Rails.

RoR is available when handling external APIs, managing toll gateways, accounting systems and more. Many modern web services also offer RoR based gems as part of the software.

Java Development

Even with the constant tracking of new and promising systems, our company continues to use proven technologies to solve customer problems. We have a proven strategy for making and distributing Java packages.

Why Java?

Java software development is one of the largest areas of the IT industry. Its libraries and solutions cover almost every business area. Java is an effective and proven development platform that has been on the market for years, so any project owner can rest assured that their startup will always receive the support of a large community.

Java world

Java occupies many areas.

  • Web development and business management structure. Java is a tool for dealing with more difficult information structures and is a great tool for building projects with a set of objects. Generally used with well-tested frameworks like Spring and Play! In the business management system.
  • Reactive programming using Scala. Reactive programming is a new and widespread paradigm that allows you to quickly update the state of an object under ever-changing conditions. It is used to build an interactive user interface and a real-time structure. Java simplifies reactive programming by combining special libraries and a complex language, Scala, with the rest of the Java world.
  • Electronic system using Java Virtual Machine. The use of Java goes beyond the traditional areas of development because there are many hardware platforms designed to use Java. Satellite hardware, medical devices, and remote device manipulation platforms - many of which have Java APIs. Again, the reason for choosing this platform is to interact with software developers who are familiar with well-known programming languages.

The best way to fully understand our company's Java development services in the US is to provide us with the solution to the challenge.

Professionally designed websites

To build a modern, high-productivity website, you need a responsive front-end, an excellent layout, and stable back-end. Our US company has creative designers and experienced builders with a proven variety of technologies for best results.

At our company’s headquarters in the US, we have established a variety of high-quality sites:

Business management. Project management, CRM systems, and time tracking software, human resources management structures, corporate analysis applications and paper flow automation tools.

  • Education. Learning and testing of process automation, personal assessment, university student databases, interactive textbooks.
  • E-commerce. Online market, auctions and shopping sites. Integration of Price Gateway, Billing Structure, Currency Trading in several countries, Recurring Payments, Accounting and Equipment Reports.
  • Marketing and advertising. Marketing Automation Tools, Classifieds, Affiliates and Reference Framework.
  • Health care. HIPAA standard structures for ambulances, home care, skilled nursing facilities and assistive devices.
  • Real estate. Gears for homeowners, consumers and renters, as well as systems for vendors and agents.

There are many other companies from the US and from different industries all over the world,

Web Layout and UI

Our software development company in the US is providing specific web optimization project solutions for companies, corporations, small organizations and start-ups. We are very professional in developing web packages that deal with a wide range of business processes in ecommerce, delivery, sports, education and more.

  • Main processes and value
  • What do we do?

Customer design is the top priority. After an in-depth analysis of all alternatives, we pass through the prism of professional design practice. The layout we provide is not only visually appealing but also intuitive, convincing and easy to apply.

The layout team excels in all areas of web design:

  • UI design services. We create sophisticated, customized user interfaces that can be scalable, flexible, browser-specific, and system-specific.
  • Layout UX. The designers of the US company focus on optimizing the site for exciting and compelling uses.
  • Data architecture. We master a lot of different data and organize it into a proper network view that allows it to view and understand complex statistical units.

First-class quality assurance

Our company provides comprehensive quality assurance and testing services to ensure that the real categories of software of the best category we offer our customers.

We have a team of certified quality assurance engineers tested on all types of web and mobile solutions. When you hire a QA engineer in our company, you are acquiring established QA tests, including the development of specific and well-structured test cases, test plans, and periodic review of test results.

  • Types of QA testing
  • Test Tools and Techniques

Quality assurance specialists can do a complete test of your web app, including:

  • Computerized and manual inspection
  • Function and regression test
  • Attempt load and voltage
  • Test usability and compatibility

Black-and-white box tests, threshold value evaluation, equivalent classes - The quality assurance team believes that these are not just specialized terms, but rather terms we use in our daily work. Engineers are familiar with tools like grasshoppers, selenium, cucumbers, gourds, Jenkins, Capybara, Jeter and many more.

We have a lot of mobile devices that allow us to enjoy the benefits of viewing mobile apps on real devices. Therefore, our company offers a comprehensive and comprehensive quality assurance software service.

Consulting and auditing

As one of the leading software companies in the US, we possess extensive experience in developing custom web page software. One of the unique capabilities we have gained over years of practice is the ability to perform experienced site development audits. Our organization can conduct an in-depth assessment of existing IT solutions, identify vulnerabilities, and find ways to resolve the problem.

  • How can we help?

If you are looking for a professional technical assistance, take your site to a new level, or if you insist on completing a semi-development tool, our company is here to help. We will provide a completely new standalone perspective on the current code base, device architecture, overall performance, and security issues.

After a thorough technical analysis of the work, we will compile a detailed report and tips from experts on how to solve the identified problems and weaknesses.

If you are interested in developing websites or web apps, including adding new features or some high-tech updates, we can also provide you with estimates and ideas on these issues.

Get the right solution

In the modern financial system, having the right software is very important. It is crucial to streamline work processes, increase business productivity, reduce costs, and resolve other business tasks that are required. The right custom and customized business software tools can give you considerable advantages and help you avoid the things your opponents have.

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable IT partner, our web development company is available to hire. Contact us!