Advanced Software Development for Companies Worldwide

We work with companies around the world to create advanced software that helps companies implement technological innovations and improve profitability.

A high tech solution from specialized developers

With more than 8 years of experience in software development, our company has proven to be a reliable partner for technology enterprises and startups. At the US development office, we offer comprehensive services for construction, design, improvement and extension of software, covering technical and commercial areas.

From the development center in the United States, experts help companies in everything from ideas to layout, programming, testing, support and maintenance to all levels of the programming life cycle.

  • Scale Your Business - Our organization creates and hosts project-specific development teams that span a broad range of professionals to help fast-growing companies expand their business and grow their business in the long term
  • Digging new knowledge - no longer need to maintain the entire IT department. Benefit from the experience of more than 150 professional process engineers, create great software, implement and maintain functional.

Our company was founded in 2010 and holds software development certifications in its DNA. These experts help customers turn their ideas into life and create destructive Web and mobile programs, APIs, and different programs that meet their business needs and market expectations. Professionals provide strategic guidance by adding a minimal feasibility product to examine the market reaction to software ideas and core competencies and then develop final delays on a regular basis.

These companies and their colleagues confirm that outsourcing the new software development to our teams reduces both manufacturing costs and time to market, ensuring the introduction of quality, new features and advanced innovations each time. With the agile approach, we always focus on the most important things, so the main feature of the business is the first.

In our development company, we can create a product from scratch to the final version or be responsible for specific levels of improvement, including architectural design, user interface / user experience, implementation, quality assurance or maintenance.

  • Layout of the structure
  • UI / UX
  • Software development
  • Test
  • Support and remodeling
  • Customer Training
  • Expert Advice

Why choose us

  • Complete the software development cycle
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Quality-oriented delivery model
  • Data protection
  • Technology

We can help you implement inspection and retrofit implementations through a comprehensive development cycle that evaluates and claims accumulation and continues to be presented. The professional experts can also help your development, regulate the desire to change the market and propose a monetization strategy.

Our company owns the US workplaces and offshore delivery facilities. Transformation and digital communication technologies extend the belief in collaboration and undermine regulatory limits so that we can address the global needs of customers. We have long-term and growing business in different countries.

According to ISO 9001 excellence in management standards, our company focuses on excellence in the development process, rather than transfer quality assurance to the end of the software life cycle. Experts use defect prevention measures, including test-driven and behavior-oriented development to reduce duplication and time-to-market.

Although the data protection framework protects your corporate information from external threats, all the difficult statistics you share with your software development team are a problem to the NDA and are protected by company guidelines.

iOS, Android, Java, Scala, .NET, Hybris, Python, Unity 3D, Ruby, Unreal Engine, Photonic Engine, C / C ++, Golang

Mobile Application Development

Fully customized mobile application building services spanning enterprise, consumer, and game software packages from all original concept concepts to prototype, UI / UX design, programming and final testing.

A team of over 150 developers conducts complex outsourcing projects for market leaders in many areas.

Our company produces applications for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices with special knowledge of UI and UX. With high technology expertise, such as iOS, Android and Unity, and over seven years of complex business mobility solutions, we ensure the quality of our solutions is high.

Service area

  • UI / UX Design
  • Original iOS and Android packages
  • Multiplatform mobile applications
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Mobile Game

How do we work?

  • Discovery step
  • UX and visual design phase
  • Programming and startup phase

First, we examine the initial concepts of the application, how to address your business goals, and address the needs of your customers. Mobile experts come into your business and work with you to identify the key challenges that need to be addressed. This group sits down to learn all about the possibilities of customers and how the application fits into the business model of the client company and other advertising and marketing strategies.

Once we describe the concept, we learn about the customer and the most important use cases, all necessary to create a commercial repair product, and the experts have entered the design phase. Here we plan to improve the concept of user experience, wireframes, mapping and user interface testing, brand recognition and working on multiplatform models.

In the programming world, developers have access to agile technologies that allow to simplify the app development work process and bring the profitable and flexible project results quickly. Or, if you have clear specifications, the team can follow the waterfall strategy. Mobile testers are involved in all stages of development to help identify vulnerabilities. While the customer is satisfied with the application's top-level model, we will publish it in the store or integrate it with the company's business processes.

Strong advantages

  • Strategic partner with more than 100 companies
  • Rich portfolio of different industries
  • Complete development cycle
  • Considerable understanding

Our IT organization is a strategic partner for many companies around the world, including world-renowned industry leaders, to help them overcome many of the technical and corporate challenges. The creation of mobile programs is an integral part of each customer's relationship.

With more than seven years of project design experience, the company is committed to developing the best class solutions for clients in a wide range of industries including economic services, healthcare, hospitality, telecommunications and real estate.

We cover the entire stack of application development from concept building, UI / UX design, prototyping, and enhancement to quality assurance and integration.

As a team of more than 150 professional process engineers, our company is able to respond adequately to the needs of any buyer, whether it is with customer market applications or with comprehensive, regional and accurate business solutions.

Software testing by Expert Software Development Company

Easily extend your potential with the help of test services, reducing the high downtime costs between releases and avoiding losing test work during peak mission loads.

Experience covering the entire test life cycle

You can reduce downtime costs and get peak load distribution properly with the help of a dedicated team working at your headquarters and extend the additional features of the tester without extra difficulty when needed.

When assigned to its mission, CTFLI / CTAL Certified Professionals will share their goals and keep information about their products for a long period of time with fair results and a clear and convincing strategy.

  • Type of Cooperation
  • Detailed service
  • Unparalleled experience
  • Our services include

Committed QA Team - With a data-driven approach to flexible support for business strategy, our company can easily integrate a QA team dedicated to the software creation lifecycle. The experts have an understanding of different vertical business areas, allowing you to expand your business resources with minimal risk.

On-Demand Testing - With virtual transformations, we offer on-demand program support services to help companies reduce business risk and achieve cost-effective start-up cycles and seamless performance across their systems.

  • Full cycle quality assurance. We manage the complete quality assurance process from essential analysis, documentation review and process execution protection.
  • Complies with CTFL / CTAL standards. Its staff is certified to be the most talented in testing practices and technologies - including tools, databases, operating systems and more, and to meet industry requirements.
  • Test environment. You can take advantage of today's hardware and software environments and install software testing labs as needed.
  • Independent testing. Uniciased Software Inspection Group provides a more accurate and fair description of software satisfaction and validates the human assumptions made throughout the specification and implementation of the gadget.

In the digital market since 2010, we are a bespoke software development organization that provides complex development projects in a variety of business areas, including Employers Registry Control Architecture, Virtual Drafting and IT Network Solutions. Quality assurance has always been an important part of consumer advocacy. We grow and evolve with our customers, not only using cutting-edge tools and technology, but also expert-defined quality control activities to enter the creative process without disrupting or damaging the client's current workflow.

  • Design and Documentation Testing
  • Functional / non-functional test
  • Test automation

Technical Support

Provide second and third party technical support to customers in each market segment with less time and predictable budget.

Comprehensive assistance

With nearly 10 years of online technical support experience for large enterprise solutions, we've helped business organizations design high-quality products for their needs. Engineers handle all incidents of software technical assistance, including those related to product integration, enhancements, database services, and network connectivity.

Our outsourcing technology engineers hold a degree in Computer Science or Information Technology Management and at least two years of hands-on experience in second and third tier technical customer care environments. They are fluent in English, mastering Microsoft and Linux server technologies in a corporate environment, with strong programming language experience and in-depth understanding of improvement strategies.

Our Software Development company provides technical support services and:

  • Product Improvement
  • Software program review
  • System Integration
  • Database development service

Rely on experts

  • Availability 24 hours a day. Technical support engineers provide advanced technical support 24 hours a day, as well as high-tech expertise and higher performance.
  • First class approach. Tailored and launched to meet the needs of our existing customers, our outsourced technical support has been applied to your specific needs, either as a stand-alone service or as an enhancement of our company's commitment to improvement.
  • Development Environment. Technical support You can get help from your internal IT environment at any time.

Our programmers and technicians can consult you or implement the software support to increase your customer satisfaction.