Mobile App Developers: We Build iOS and Android Native Experiences

You can rely on our mobile developers based in the USA and in other cities around the world to create quality digital solutions for your business. We have experience working with many internationally renowned brands and delivering first-class mobile apps that perfectly fit into their business. With smartphones and tablets conquering the digital world, it is high time you thought about creating a mobile app of your own.
Mobile app development has seen an extreme growth over the past decade. Reports show that smartphone usage increases by more than a 100% a year. But what is the secret of their huge popularity? And how can your business benefits from applications for smartphones and tablets?

The Smartphone Revolution

People spend more and more time in their smartphones, which are always at hand. Whether you go home from work on public transport, sit in the hall waiting for an appointment or do grocery shopping, it is most likely that you use your phone to read a book, watch a movie or check with your grocery list on your smartphone. This revolutionised the way businesses connect to consumers and collect information about their clients, and it is hard to imagine nowadays that some ten years ago we mostly learnt about products and services from TV commercial, newspapers and magazines.
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  • Top Reasons Why You Should Hire Us
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  • iPad Development
  • iPhone App Development
  • User Experience Is What Matters

Benefits of Mobile Apps

More interested users generate more traffic to your website and increase the probability of conversion. Now you can remind smartphone owners about your brand and products even when they are not directly using the device via push notification. For instance, if you have a mobile shop, you can remind your customers about the items they have left in their online shopping cart. Moreover, mobile apps allow you to collect useful information about consumers, for example, what feature of your program they use more often and what elements make them leave. Therefore, you can modify your app according to the analytics you collect to increase retention and customer satisfaction.

Top Reasons Why You Should Hire Us

- The most skillful and talented user experience designers

- Creative and experienced user interface designers

- A great team of highly qualified programmers

- Most efficient approaches to software development

- Native app development across all platforms

Cool Apps That Users Love

We create mobile and desktop applications that appeal to people and make them spend hours engaging with your brand. You can look through our portfolio to see the amazing work we have done over the years between hanging out with our team, playing ping-pong, building Lego castles and playing Monopoly. We develop apps for:

- iOS

- Android

- Windows

- Other operating systems.

iPad Development

We always recommend our clients to develop native applications, because with cross-platform solutions the risks that your product will not function properly on different devices are very high. This is especially important when it comes to iPad applications, and we know perfectly well how to use the extra space of the Apple’s tablets to maximise the results and make the software solution look amazing. Over the time, we have developed a seamless development process that enables us to go from idea to development, programming and implementation cost and time efficiently.

iPhone App Development

Application development for different operating systems has its specific approaches and instrument, and iPhone development is no exception. For example, you should take into account a smaller screen size of iPhone as compared to iPad, and its high resolution retina display that give you an opportunity to create stunning visuals of great quality. We know how to use the small display of the Apple’s smartphone to ensure readability and convenience without overcrowding the screen with excessive elements.

User Experience Is What Matters

The iPhone apps we design combine the appealing visuals with the most advanced technologies, providing great experiences to your customers. We create intuitive interfaces and engaging features and make sure that every pixel of the small display is put to good use. Our team loves iOS and has studied its environment in and out over many years of software development.

Learn about the Possibilities of Mobile Development

We cherish and love every detail of the mobile development from basic navigation bars to modern-day 3D video graphics, virtual reality and high-tech sensors. We are crazy about augmented reality, bespoke software, QR scanners, GPS tracking and so on and so forth. So get in touch with our tech savvy team and let us blow your mind with dozens of creative and efficient ideas for your business.
  • Android Design
  • Seize the Opportunities of Android

Android Design

Despite the fact that iOS is probably the favourite platform of smartphone developers, you should not ignore Android as it powers the biggest number of mobile devices in the world. It is a great operating system that give you an opportunity to connect to the largest audience globally. There is a number of reason why you by no means should not neglect the Google’s mobile operating system when designing your smartphone app. Here are just a few of them: Android devices are cheaper, and therefore are owned by more people, the number of Android users is growing fast, and last but not least, the platform is powered by Google.

Seize the Opportunities of Android

The team of Android designers and developers has a solid background in creating bespoke apps and games for the platform and will be happy to help you bring your app idea to life. We have enough experience to make your application work seamlessly across a wide variety of Android smartphones and tablets. So if you want to take advantages of all the opportunities of Android development but do not have enough expertise to create a software product of your own, contact us, and we will see how we can help, We will discuss your idea, help you develop it into a comprehensive concept and flesh it out.

Why Work with Us

  • We are super friendly, cheerful and dedicated to our craft
  • We will deliver a quality product, but apart from it we will advise you on the best strategies to achieve success
  • We work for your success
  • Each member of our team has been carefully selected to meet the highest standards
  • Professional approach and seamless client communication
  • Cross-industry expertise and deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies
  • Solid background and extensive portfolio
  • We strive for perfection and never stop at average
  • Rave client reviews and long history of success

Relaxed Approach

Our digital agency focuses on mobile development because we understand what users want from mobile apps and how to make them convert through mobile solutions. Client value us for our cheerfulness, passion and creative ideas that drive innovation, blow people's minds and bring businesses to success. We believe that friendly and relaxed relationship with client is a key to mutual success. Calls us to chat about your project or drop by to discuss it over a cup of tea. We develop apps because it is our passion. It is more than our job, it is what we are truly passionate about, and that is why we crave for perfection and create every product with an aim to meet the expectations of our clients. Contact us and you we will see what we mean.

Perfectionists by Nature

We never stop at average results - we hone every single element of your app until it is perfect. We face every challenging task with courage and ambition, willingly pushing the limits of modern-day development, programming technologies and business strategies to build user-friendly and beautiful applications. You can see the results of our hard work in our portfolio full of exciting projects that we take pride in.

What our Mobile Developers Do

- iPhone app development

- iPad development

- Android development

- Windows app development

- App development for other platforms

Realise your Idea with the Leading Mobile App Developers

Over many years in the mobile app development industry we have supplied many businesses with efficient solutions that helped them reach success. Could you be the next satisfied client of our web design company? If you want to learn more about our services or ask us any questions how to develop a smartphone app, do not hesitate to contact us, and enthusiastic experts will advise you on the best ways to reach your business goals with the help of digital technologies. Of course, you should not trust us by word - check out our extensive portfolio or read client testimonials, and you will be able to make the right decision.
Have a great idea of a software product? Let’s discuss it. Whether you have a vision of a brand-new mobile app you want make a reality, or you want to breathe new life into your outdated website or corporate software, just get in touch- we will be glad to help you to crystallise the solution.