Why Custom Software Development Is the Best Option for Your Business

We have built more than 100 custom programs. The cornerstones of our success are seamless user experiences and broad expertise in mobile technologies. The experts at our custom software development company have a vast experience in delivering custom solutions to businesses both small and large.
Custom software development is creating software tailored for the needs of a specific client or company. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions that lack the options for personalisation and does not give you the full ownership of the programs, custom software is built to meet the specific requirements of the client and makes you the rightful owner of the source code. Custom software is a unique product that is designed by a third-party digital agency or an in-house development team and is not made for sale.
  • Custom Software vs Off-the-Shelf Solutions
  • When Do You Need Custom Solutions?
  • The Disadvantages of Custom Apps
  • Custom Software Development Costs
  • The Risks of Custom Development

Custom Software vs Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Ready-made software is typically a package of apps with the same functionality to a large audience with similar needs. For instance, Adobe Photoshop is developed for the people who need photo editing tools for different purposes. However, you cannot make it perform tasks that you are not included in its standard functionality, for example, you cannot use any specific filters besides the pre-set ones.
Bespoke software creation involves the planning of software requirement specifications, programming, deployment and release of a digital product designed to meet your demands. For instance, a program developed for a certain manufacturing company will be owned by this company and used only by its employees. This program is created to fit into the specific processes of the company, reflect its branding and meet deployment needs, in other words, it is only suitable for a single enterprise it is designed for.

When Do You Need Custom Solutions?

The primary advantage of custom apps is that they can offer you functionality not offered by off-the-shelf software. As a result, such software designed to meet the needs of your company bring much more value than any other solution. Custom applications may be expensive just like tailor-made suits, but your investment will soon pay off due to a high efficiency of customisable solutions. If you feel that your business can benefit from a software that addresses your unique demands, then you should not hesitate whether you should to invest into custom software development - it is your obvious choice.

The Disadvantages of Custom Apps

As opposed to ready-made apps which can be used the moment you purchase the licence and install it on your computer, a custom program requires substantial investment of time, money and resources, and, as a result, is involved with many risks. When you have finally decided on bespoke software, you need to allocate a budget based on your requirements, which can be easy if the developer provides you with cost evaluation, as we always do.

Custom Software Development Costs

Keep in mind that costs may significantly vary based on the complexity of the functionality and designs you want to implement within your app. You should not be misguided by a cheap cost of off-the-shelf systems, which is low only because it is distributed between millions of users with limited functionality of the standard operations, while bespoke software is designed for you and only you, which may come at high price but bring many values to your business.

The Risks of Custom Development

The risks of bespoke app design may be different and largely depend on how well the company is prepared for such a venture. Before starting the process of app development, the company should take time to analyse its current needs and think of how the software product can help them reach their goals. Keep in mind, that the more thoroughly you plan your app, the less extra expenses you will face during the process, which is not an uncommon practice because new requirements equal more money. Introducing changes throughout the development may entail scope creep, as it is called by professional project managers, the situation, when the project fails to meet its timeframe budget and scope, resulting in the end product’s deviation from initial requirements.

First-Class Bespoke Software Creation Services

We are an enterprise software development company that offers a wide range of bespoke app creation services across many industries and technologies, supplying clients from all over the world with top-notch digital solutions for years. Whether you are a long-established enterprise or a startup, a small local shop or a large international brand, we will be glad to help you through the entire app development process from planning, market research and deign concept to programming, deployment and launch of the complete product.
  • What We Do
  • What Makes Us Different from Other Developers

What We Do

- Bespoke design. At our custom development firm, we find solutions to solve real problems and help your business achieve its goals. Over the years, we have delivered product that ensured the success of many companies and famous brands across the globe.

- Prototyping and user experience design. Great user experience is the key factor in the success of any app, because it is users who choose whether to use your program or dump it. Our high quality user experience design will ensure that your app is user-friendly, intuitive and engaging and can be easily accessed via different devices and operating systems.

- Customer-oriented software projects. We perfectly understand, customer-oriented products have its own specifics than enterprise app development. Rely on our expert to create an product that your users will love and that will help you reach out to new customers and increase retention.

- Corporate software integration. Our experienced development team can seamlessly integrate disparate tools and programs, which you utilise to manage your internal business processes. Our enterprise application integration services grant you easy access to corporate data, automate routine processes and enhance overall productivity of your company.

What Makes Us Different from Other Developers

- Agile approach to development. Over the years, we have learnt to take the best out of different software development methodologies and find the most efficient strategy based on the requirements of every particular project.

- Focus on usability and seamless user experience. Our talented and skilful UX designers will create an app either for desktop or mobile devices that is visually appealing, engaging and easy-to-use even by the people who are not experienced in digital technologies. At the beginning of every project, we build a full-fledged prototype and study the feedback of the users to ensure the end result meets even the expectations of the most demanding consumers.

- Software products of premium quality. Our great quality assurance and rigorous testing ensures the highest quality of our solutions. We know how to test products in many different ways and apply QA automation to hone every detail of the app and achieve perfection within the shortest time possible.

- Team of industry-leading talents. We carefully select every developer, designers and other experts who join our team, inviting only the best professionals and investing into their further education and certification by the top IT companies like Microsoft, Scrum, Oracle and others.

- Protection of intellectual property rights. At our app design agency, we take legal matters seriously. When the software development project is finished, you become the rightful owner of the source code and all other products related to the project.

- Reputable company to rely on. We sign a contract with every client to ensure that you will get the product within set timeframes and allocated budget. Moreover, we offer a wide range of post-launch support and maintenance services to fix any problems that may occur after the software is deployed and released.

How to Find the Right Custom Developers?

Looking for a development company to create a quality product for your business can be a real challenge. You need to carefully research the local and offshore digital agencies and select one that is experienced in your industry and in the specific type of digital solutions you want to create. You can arrange an interview with the candidates, ask them any questions about their services,check out their portfolio, read through client testimonials and request them to estimate the cost of your project.

Entrust Your Project to the Team of IT Professionals

Our bespoke development team has delivered top-notch digital products to internationally recognised brands and industry-leading companies, helping them stand out from the competitors, increase profits and streamline business processes. Working with us, your company can achieve the same results. Just contact us via the contact form, phone or email, and we will offer a free consulting without any obligations on any IT-related matter you want to discuss.