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We are a professional web design company with over 10 years of experience. We design bespoke websites and custom software for companies all over the world.
We are proud of our vast portfolio that encompasses project of all size and complexity across various industries. Our team is comprised of the skillful and talented experts who are not afraid of challenges and can tackle even the hardest tasks. But the most important point is that we are thinking about efficiency of your Internet presence and about users engagement, not just about attractive design.

Web Development and Design Services

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  • Online Marketing Strategy
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  • Website Optimisation
  • Why Do You Need SEO?
  • Bring Your Company to Online Success
  • Pay-per-Click Strategy
  • PPC Providers
  • What Is Cost-per-Click?

Website Optimisation

Do you know what SEO is and how to use it? Search engine optimisation is a process of improving your website’s content and design to maximise the traffic coming from organic results, which our expert developers, business analysts, designers and marketers have studied in and out over the years building first-class websites with quality contents, mobile-friendly designs and comprehensive marketing strategies.

Why Do You Need SEO?

As a result of our hard work, our clients now rank at the top of Google search results and control around 60000 industry-defining keywords. Search engine optimisation is one of the key elements to ensure online visibility of your brand. According to statistics, over 85% of visitors who convert come fromonline queries, and that Google alone, not taking into account other popular search engines like Yahoo, MSN and others, processes over 3.5 billion searches every day. Ignoring SEO, you lose 85% of potential customers, so do not let your competitors win over this audience, build a website that is well optimised and full of useful, keyword-rich content.

Internet Presence Aspects

SEO is a complex process, which requires an in-depth understanding of the ever-changing search engine requirements, for example, keep an eye on new revisions like Panda that Google regularly introduces. Website optimisation involves many aspect including the source code, content, responsiveness of the design, links from other sources that lead to your website and content with mentions of your brand on the web. Our experts will take care of all of these aspect when designing your new website.

Choose Your Digital Strategy

We will design the website on the basis of your financial capacity, as well as your requirements for speed and marketing goals. According to your business needs, our experts can choose the audience that will be targeted, adjust the number of keywords in your content and even set timeframes when the website will bring the desired results. While many digital company experts talk of getting at the top Google results as something miraculous, we do not waste time on speculation, but instead we act and bring your company to the first page.

Bring Your Company to Online Success

Return on investment (ROI) is the primary metrics that measures the success of your online strategy, no matter whether it is SEO, pay-per-click advertising, social network campaigns, email promotion or any other activities aimed at expanding your customer base and retaining the old ones.The first step you take when defining your brand’s online strategy is analysing the needs and wishes of your target audience and what your competitors do to satisfy them. Once you have studied these factors, you get all the information necessary to reach out to this audience, meet their expectations and outstrip your competitors.

Ensure That Your Investment Pays off

Our company’s business analysts and marketers have all the tools necessary to collect these analytics and design a full-fledged online business plan that brings value. Make sure your investment brings tangible results, spend money wisely. Here is a little bit of statistics: you can save up to 40% of the investment in a pay-per-click campaign if it is developed by experienced professionals who understand the digital market environment.

Pay-per-Click Strategy

If you have already looked into different strategies you can use to promote your brand online, you are probably familiar with pay-per-click advertising (PPC). Pay-per-click is a model of web advertising that generate traffic to websites which owners pay publishers (blogs, search engines, social media, etc.) every time the ad is clicked by a user. PPC is one of the favorite strategies of many businesses because it brings tangible results. Due to their wide coverage, pay-per-click campaigns guarantee you that your ad will be seen by your niche audience. Recent reports demonstrate the following: pay-per-click ads not only increase revenue, but also generate organic traffic to your website, making consumers click on mentions of your brand in organic search results.

PPC Providers

You can find pay-per-click providers everywhere on the web, they include such services as Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo Advertising. If you decide to focus on search engine pay-per-click campaign, find most popular keywords relevant to your niche and include them into your ads. In this case, the customers will see your ad every time they enter a similar phrase into a search engine or browse website with relevant content.

Pay-per-Click Cost and Risks

Such ads that look like sponsored links or typical online ads appear at the top of organic search results or adjacent to the main content on the page, or just anywhere the owner of a website or blog chooses to place them. Cost of PPC web ads in leading search engines depend on the popularity of the keyword phrase they use. Pay-per-click campaign also supply you with important analytics, as you can see how efficient a particular product or service is based on how many times it has been clicked. However, they also have its downsides, namely, PPC ads are susceptible to click fraud, although almost all modern search engines secure your ads from fraud clicks by malicious website owners or competitors.

What Is Cost-per-Click?

As we have already mentioned, PPC providers typically charge a fixed price for every click rather than a set sum of money for the entire campaign. This fixed price is called cost-per-click. Cost-per-click may start at $0,01 and go up to figures with many zeros depending on the amount of competition for a particular set of keywords and phrases, and on the price policies of different search engines.

Establish a Strong Online Presence

Our web design company has built hundreds of user-friendly websites optimised for Google and other search engines. We can make your website stand out at the local, state, national or international level. Our experts focus on establishing a strong online presence for your company. From the point of design the idea is to create such user experience, which will stimulate the visitors to interact with your web resource: to push buttons, jump to different pages or answer the questions and get the satisfaction. Attractive design, clear logic of the pages and good functionality of the whole project will lead to the users’ love.
  • Design an Efficient Marketing Strategy
  • Content Management Services

Design an Efficient Marketing Strategy

Pay-per-click and cost-per-click web campaigns can make the core part of your company’s online marketing strategy. Our company’s expert business research and development team can find the best ways to promote your company online base don your specific needs and goals. If you want to learn how a PPC or CPC campaign can benefit your company or have any questions about digital business development, drop a line to our expert, we will be happy to consult you on any issue. Let our software developers bring your business to a whole new level.

Content Management Services

Quality content management for websites is an indispensable part of any marketing campaign that targets at bringing your web presence to the top of search results and increasing customer loyalty. At our app design company, we have a great team of talented and experienced specialists in copywriting, content management, graphic web design, web editing and web analytics, who have all the skills to make your website stand out.

We Design Relevant High-Quality Content

Our content management experts work hard to establish a solid online presence of your company through regular updates of your content and relevant articles, which appeal to your target audience. Moreover, we strive to create content that is useful, interesting and polished to perfection, therefore we proofread every text to make sure that there are no errors or typos, because even the smallest mistake can damage your position in search engine results, drive customers away and result in lower revenue. Our content management experts work in a close collaboration with programmers and designers to ensure that your web pages keep in line with the latests technologies and standards. We can also craft your website promotions, help you with email newsletters and design other web marketing campaigns.

Entrust Your Website to the Best Web Design Company

With over ten years of experience in the web development industry, our best web design company focuses on delivering first-class bespoke solutions to businesses of all size across various industries. You can rely on our enthusiastic and ambitious staff to design a great web site or a web-based application that perfectly fits into your company. Contact us via e-mail, phone or come to our office to discuss your project face-to-face with our experts.