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App Development Specialists

Our development team can cater to a wide range of customer needs, from consumer-driven applications to B2B systems that change the rules of the game.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Cross platform
  • Innovative web app
  • Mobile network

By creating applications for the global market, we focus on simplicity, functional design and advanced user experience. At the enterprise level, developers have helped extend traditional programs and databases to mobile devices and manage the complexity of different information resources and devices.

Our developers use the new technology to execute and build tomorrow's solutions to the most challenging business problems.

  • Cross-Platform Expertise
  • Standard Light Weight Test
  • Scalable software framework
  • Group Prompt QA
  • Extensive systems integration testing
  • Usability and user experience
  • Available and ergonomic design
  • Affordable and up-to-date security protocols
  • Reach Communication
  • lantern
  • Increased Reality
  • Audio / video transmission
  • Game
  • iOS App

Communication makes wireless interaction between NFC-enabled devices simple and comfortable, without pairing. NFC generates plans that can be expanded to handle payments, ticketing, content-sharing programs, and peer-to-peer content loyalty.

Beacons are gadgets that use low-power Bluetooth to interact with cell phones, especially in GPS and less useful wireless rooms. Mobile kits using Beacon technology can be used for parking assistance, personal authentication, proximity advertising and marketing, inland navigation, and more.

Augmented reality is a tempting technology that allows developers to create great real-world models. We've created a variety of applications that use the AR SDK for real-time image recognition, virtual tour venues, navigation, close business targeting, and more.

Streaming applications provide rich media content and podcasting for mobile users. Our video codecs, H.264 profiles and video streaming servers have worked together and our developers can easily provide applications that deliver audio and video seamlessly.

The game app is the most famous mobile app. We help our customers experience this useful app that can support single or multiplayer players.

  • Health care
  • Transport
  • Travel
  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Media
  • Safe
  • Government
  • Education

Our products will not end with the development of software for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. By listing it in the App Store, developers work with you from the concept, structure and design of the app.

As a professional developer, our team is committed to the pursuit of excellence and perfection in each product. The iOS Consulting team has a sophisticated understanding of development environments, SDKs, and APIs. In addition, they have demonstrated expertise in optimization, security, and memory management. They work closely with designers to create ultra-sophisticated, pixel-perfect, visually appealing high-performance products.

Our expertise includes features such as social media integration, broadcast media, GPS, maps, augmented reality, advertising services, messaging, web services integration, and database synchronization.

  • Android Apps
  • Developed for multiple systems
  • A progressive web app
  • Do you want to go PWA?
  • Optimize web solutions

Since Google introduced the open source technology, we created Android programs.

For years, developers have become familiar with the APIs provided by the Android SDK. Through the SDK and smartphone interfaces, we offer applications that can access devices including digital cameras, accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, light sensors and sensor devices that exchange information via Bluetooth or NFC.

The knowledge of Android software compilation is well represented in the applications created by our developers. Whether it's OA authorizations, Web services integration, push messages, AR, community integration, real-time navigation and consumer interaction, historical processing or data synchronization with remote databases, our team has built software packages that integrate and leverage all of them.

The range of devices is a challenge for organizations trying to build mobile solutions. We allow you to continue using this with a balanced understanding of the framework that helps you achieve cross-platform programming.

Extensive compilations of native applications for modern devices are often cumbersome because it includes encoding for each platform in a given language. One workaround is to create a web app using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript libraries, such as Jquery mobile. However, in addition to using the capabilities of the local tool, this approach presents a significant obstacle in the visibility phrases of the market. Many companies now use third-party technology: they use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript library extensions and create this single source code in locally installable software for each target platform. This type of app is called a hybrid app.

The Mobile Enterprise app Platform or the Mobile Consumer app Platform help you create multi-platform hybrid apps. Although MEAP is not a unique answer in life, we help you decide on the best course and develop the most useful method. The rule of thumb is to use a multi-platform framework if you must support three or more operating systems. Cross-platform frameworks are not appropriate when developing games and applications with enhanced graphics. We advocate using OpenGL / Unity instead. However, they are perfect for the entire category of apps, including search, catalog and shopping apps.

As the number of mobile users continues to increase, you wonder why your website will not bring the expected conversion?

We say this is a compromise navigation experience for smart phone sites. Fifty-three percent of users gave up on websites that have been uploaded to their device in more than three seconds. New possibilities for the mobile internet, known as progressive web apps, can provide a user experience of class-type applications and increase consumer engagement.

PWA allows users to bring the website to the initial display screen as well as common local apps. PWA is the immediate future of the mobile network with service workers who enable a fast-loading app shell structure and assist in content caching and push notifications.

The characteristics of a progressive web app (PWA)

  • Revolution. PWA is built with advanced enhancements as the basic feature that can be enabled on any browser and works on any device. Using the capabilities of the device, they provide a consistent and sophisticated user experience.
  • Re-engage. PWA lives on the home screen, works offline and is discoverable through the SERP. Press notifications to provide timely and easy updates to preferred sites, allowing users to keep returning to the app further.
  • User-friendly. The PWA app interface provides a fast and attractive user experience. Whether it's a smartphone or a tablet, progressive web applications can be quickly adjusted to provide the best viewing experience. As a website with URLs, PWAs are also easy to share, unlike native programs.

If your business already has a local app but can take advantage of the broader consumer engagement, advanced web applications are a good choice. If you still do not have a solution and your company should undoubtedly benefit from this, then you can start with PWA. In the long run, to make the right choice, different factors need to be explored based on business requirements, target users and apps.

Our developers will help you identify if your business needs such solutions. If you decide to build a site of similar applicative apps, we have a group of builders who have experience in popular languages ​​and frameworks, including ExpressJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, Polymer, and Ionic.

Your customers are on the internet with their smartphones. Why not give them a better browsing experience through sites that are mobile-friendly?

With the same tips our developers use when building native apps, we can optimize their web solutions for mobile viewing.

A dedicated lightweight version of the original desktop site can be developed for mobile access. Individual sites can be subregions of m.website.com or .mobi sites. As an experienced app developer, the websites we've created are still simple, with fewer images and more white space to avoid junk. The appropriate appliance version best describes the most convenient display of what is known as an interaction.

Instead, the same website may be responsive or adapted to different screen size resolutions. The online site will provide the same HTML for all devices, but use CSS to change the rendering. With revolutionary enhancement strategies, CSS3 media queries, fluid grids and flexible pixels, our developers can create solutions for different widths and display directions.

At our headquarters in the United States, expert developers can help you find unique online clients regardless of which course you choose. We can provide you with a separate website, entirely for mobile viewing. Or, developers can create a single solution to work seamlessly on devices.

Build a resource-rich program

  • WEB program
  • Website and CMS
  • Front-end technology

Whether it's a thriving e-commerce site or a collaborative content management system, our sophisticated developers understand what makes it a reality. We work with modern and reliable equipment to create high performance programs. Our company is also a Microsoft Certified Partner and develops solutions in Sharepoint and Microsoft BI.

  • Java
  • Wordpress
  • Magento
  • HTML5

Java is an ideal tool for creating complex programs that support many popular Internet and mobile solutions. Our experienced professional developers use Java to create many of the most complex enterprise solutions.

Starting as a blogging platform, it is now one of the most famous projects that enable content management solutions for feature rich business websites. From development to regular updates and improvements, we ensure that Wordpress installations work smoothly.

Magento is undoubtedly one of the most advanced software for the development of resource-rich e-commerce websites. A wide range of flexible, scalable, and extensible features that you can use for your benefit and developer rights. If you need an e-commerce business, let us help you build inspiration.

With new features, clearer code and updates of versatility, HTML5 is the future of web app programming. Through reading and elegant code, html5 was used to create interactive games for compatible mobile websites and apps.

CMS Services for Small and Large Businesses

Even if you are a small business, now you need a simple website, as the business grows, you must expand the website. In addition to scalability, content management systems can regularly update everything from images to podcasts and can handle user-generated content, including forums and searches.

Although the CMS configuration and configuration initially included developer help, it quickly changed control of updates for content writers. From the company's point of view, CMS can also reduce the cost of designing a website from scratch and eliminate the need to hire a professional developer to control it.

The Benefits of CMS Implementation

  • Centralized content management solutions for creating, saving, retrieving, deleting, and reusing content
  • Plan to publish to content templates
  • Expansion of modules, components and greater functionality
  • Separation of material, website shape, and layout factors
  • Fine permit system
  • Edition and version
  • Secure integration with external software packages
  • Integration of social networks, updates and optimization of search engines

Our App developer website creation benefits

Professional developers are ready to create your app or the website, evaluate your business needs and identify the best functionality.

  • Powerful and scalable architecture designed to handle the sudden influx of visitors.
  • Friendly website for your customers and business statistics to provide greater security.
  • Active security patch control, continuous tracking, and stable updates.
  • A scalable development team supported by years of network development experience.
  • Internal content writers may be conducting content management on the website.