• Android Spinner / Drop down list view Example.

    and_listSpinner is a widget provided by Android OS which is used to select and show a value from set of values. by clicking, spinner display all available values as dropdown list to select new one. when any value is selected spinner shows it as selected by default first entry is shows as selected. create a new project in android and add a Spinner ... Read More
  • Happy New Year 2014

    new_year_androidHello All Readers, Thank you for your support. 2013 was a challenging year for all of us. As we start 2014 with greater clarity, a greater determination to succeed and a renewed commitment to provide great Tutorials. With full of enthusiasm and excitement we all welcome this New Year together. Read More
  • Basic Android SQLite Database Example/Tutorial – Mobiles Development

    stackandroidthere are many ways to store user/app data in android like saving data in Preferences, saving data in Files, saving data data in SQLite database, etc. Today we will learn how to create SQLite database in Android to save and use user data. for creating database in android we need to create a java class in our default package(eg.: DatabaseClass.java)(this class extends ... Read More
  • How to create Flashlight application in android.

    ttHow to create Flashlight application in android. In this tutorial we will learn how to use android built in camera led as flashlight/torchlight. by using camera object and by adding flash mode to camera object parameters using setFlashMode(Parameters.FLASH_MODE_TORCH) we can use camera flash as torch. (only device which has camera LED Hardware) first create a new android project. open main layout file and add a ... Read More
  • How to Handle Back Button Event in Fragment andorid – ViewPager Android Tutorial.

    back_thumbHere we will learn how to handle back button in fragment class andorid. we will try to cover some more things also in this tutorial like 1. How to create and use a ViewPager in Android. 2. Handling Changes of Pages in ViewPager Android. 3. Working with Fragments Android. we know that how to handle back button in our Activity. (using onBackPressed();) and there is no ... Read More